Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Blog: I did not forget about you. Love, Liz

So, it's been a long time since I actually blogged (minus the Miss America video). Truth is, there's not much going on with The Concords... we sang once this month in Gallipolis, Ohio, which was great! They said they can't wait to have us back!  We are currently trying to pick new songs for our new CD. People are constantly emailing songs to us.... many of them that we love! James Rainey, an AMAZING pianist, is doing the music for the new tracks. He recently came off the road to spend more time with his new wife, Laura. He has played for many gospel groups, such as The Stamps, and, the most recent: Ron Blackwood.  He and his wife moved to Gallipolis about 2 months ago. 

We're very sad to tell you that The Gospel Border Tour has been cancelled. We're really unsure of why this conclusion was made. The onlly thing that we were told is that they needed to figure outsome PR stuff on the other side of the ocean. Maybe next time, I guess. Everything happens for a reason.

This last month was a bit trying for our family.  Our cousin, Gary, drowned after falling off of a barge on which he was working.  He was only 25. He had no chance due to the current of the Ohio river, tug of the boat, and the icy cold water...not to mention it was in the middle of the night. One thing I have learned from this: Losing one life might bring eternal life to many others. This accident woke up many of his friends, co-workers, and family members. They learned that you MUST be ready to pass on and ANY given moment.  My family heard words come out of some people's mouths that we never thought we would have heard.  I must say, God knew what He was doing when he called Gary home. RIP Gary Thanks for the great memories I have of you!

Amber, Ashley, and I started our Spring semester at the University of Rio Grande last month. I must say, I am one busy chick! Well, we all are. The girls are busy with Education classes, working on campus, and cheerleading for the Rio Storm!! I'm busy with 20 credit hours, and two internships, working at Rio, taking pics (www.wix.xom/EAPhotography/home), editing pics, babysitting my nieces every Friday, and... well, I think that's it...maybe. Haha! Trust me, I'm NOT complaining! I'm very thankful for my jobs, my nieces, and my school. I'm especially grateful for my schooling because it is COMPLETELY free!!!!! And in one year I will have my Associates in Communications, Bachelors in Mass Communications, and a BS in Public Relations! Shew! I'm also going to minor in Photography, but if that means Ill be there an extra semester, I think Ill just take the digital photography class and be done with it! In the meantime I am taking complete advantage of my scholarship.

As many of you know, Wes is still working in Columbus. You probably also know that we both hate the situation since I must be here; he must be there. We are praying and praying for a job to come to him. It's been really hard on us, especially being newlyweds. Most people look forward to spending time with their new spouse. We just get the weekends. Even though it's very trying and stressful (for me especially), I'm having faith that God has something in store for Wes and I. We are, however, very grateful and appreciative that he has a job in this economy. We have learned to be patient and give it to God.  I keep telling myself what The Greenes' song says "You don't have to understand... God has another plan." Amen!

Keep me and my entire family in your prayers! God knows our needs.


P.S. Feb 5: Happy First Birthday, Mister Lincoln! We love you!

(I love this pic.... I took it! Ha! Isn't he just so stinkin' cute!)

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  1. Aww! He's the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen!